Milkor M32 MGI

The Captain America – The Wintersoldier movie inspired me to craft a new weapon which is the Milkor M32 MGI.

After designing it I printed it straight out with the Form 1+ and it came out great although I did use only the 50 micron resolution. For better reference I have put the Milkor close to the tip of a razor blade in order for you to judge the details that are possible.

After the print I found out that the shoulder rest needs some modifications to make it a bit shorter and the connection between the weapon and the rest need to be made thicker to prevent breakage.

It will take some time to modify this weapon as I am currently traveling quite a lot.

Milkor Milkor 2


One response to “Milkor M32 MGI

  1. Sweet! Finally, some heavy artillery! What do you think is next? (Please say a mounted gun or a box fed LMG) And when will we be able to order a set of these GLs? By Christmas, mayhaps?

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